What is D.C.G.?

Dropout Crypto Gang AKA The Dropouts
Dropout Crypto Gang is a counterculture youth movement on the Cardano blockchain. The main collection, "The Dropouts," is a vibrant celebration of diversity and inclusivity, fighting against bullying and discrimination with a bold and unapologetic voice. With 1000 unique NFTs, each one tells a powerful story of empowerment and unity.
D.C.G. brings together the power of decentralized technology and the vision of a brighter, more inclusive future.
As a testament to the collection's creative vision, the team is currently developing a pilot graphic novel centered on "The Dropouts." The story will verse about different coming-of-age and "alternative lifestyles", and "career paths", in today's reality.
This comic script will be initially available to Dropouts holders, providing a thrilling and immersive experience that further explores the world of the Dropout Crypto Gang.
Our aim is to showcase the power of art and technology in creating a more diverse, inclusive, and compassionate world.
Last modified 5mo ago