The Campaigns

The Dropouts visual storytelling platform empowers holders of selected Cardano NFT collections to actively engage in diverse campaigns. Campaigning unlocks an array of valuable rewards, including our proprietary utility token, XRY (commonly referred to as "xrystals"), brand-new NFTs, and the opportunity to elevate your Season 1 Dropout characters.
Participation in these campaigns opens the gateway to acquiring Season 2 Dropouts, adding an exciting layer of progression and collectibility to your NFT portfolio. It's not just about holding NFTs; it's about actively immersing yourself in the evolving narrative of The Dropouts universe.
Campaigns will sporadically unfold for a limited duration, each accommodating a maximum number of participants. These campaigns enable participation with your cherished Dropouts and NFTs from carefully curated collections.
By actively participating in campaigns, staking, and engaging with The Dropouts' ecosystem, you become a central character in the unfolding saga. Your decisions and actions shape your experience, enabling you to unlock new NFTs, level up your Season 1 Dropout, and accumulate XRY tokens, all while enjoying an immersive storytelling adventure like no other.
Your involvement is rewarded with tangible benefits and an enriched sense of ownership in The Dropouts universe. Get ready to embrace the future of NFT engagement and storytelling with us!