Staking $XRY

Participating collections will access the non-custodial staking mechanism. This feature empowers you to stake your assets securely, allowing them to work for you while you maintain full control.
The XRY (xrystals) utility token takes on a central role within our ecosystem, serving as the primary currency for upcoming mints and exclusive access to special campaigns and collaborations. As you accumulate XRY tokens, you'll find yourself at the forefront of opportunities, granting you the privilege of participating in campaigns that unveil exceptional rewards and forging collaborations that extend beyond the ordinary.
With this multi-faceted approach, we're not just creating a platform; we're cultivating a dynamic and immersive ecosystem where your engagement is not only rewarded but celebrated. It's the fusion of technology, artistry, and community, all driven by the power of XRY, to ensure your journey with The Dropouts is truly extraordinary. He is on a journey.

XRY Tokenomics

For early adopters and legacy pass holders. We will be releasing Xrystals at a higher rate. Just for a limited-time. More information about XRY tokenomics coming soon.