The Story | Genesis

Pilot Episode and the origin of the Xrystals.
The day started like any other for the gang of dropouts. They had skipped school one too many times, so the principal decided to expel them. Rather than trying to find a wayback into school, they decided to take theopportunity to explore the city. The expelled dropouts went to a mysterious cave in the woods, rumored to contain xrystals of unimaginable power. They decided to go on an adventure and see if the rumors were true.
After a few hours of hiking, they reached the cave and found it to befull of shining xrystals.
Excitedly, they collected a few of the stones and brought them back to their camp. When they touched the stones, they felt a strange energy. Suddenly, they found themselves in a strange and beautiful place. They found themselvesin a different dimension, filled with beautiful creatures and landscapes... TO BE CONTINUED