The Dropouts

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The Dropouts is a unique NFT collection that was launched on Cardano on March 6th, 2022. The collection is based on the characters from the graphic novel, Dropout Crypto Gang, which focuses on youth social issues. The NFTs feature the main characters from the novel, showcasing their diverse personalities and eccentric traits. The idea behind the collection is to promote diversity and acceptance, and the characters are designed to represent coming-of-age kids from different backgrounds and walks of life.
The Dropouts is a vibrant celebration of diversity and inclusivity, fighting against bullying and discrimination with a bold and unapologetic voice. With 1000 unique NFTs, each one tells a powerful story of empowerment and unity.
Each NFT in the collection is a one-of-a-kind digital asset, with its own unique characteristics and traits. The NFTs are designed to be rare and collectible, connecting with our inner teenage/high-school kid. The artwork is also visually stunning, featuring vibrant colors and intricate props and accessories that are sure to catch the eye of any art lover.
In addition to the visual appeal of The Dropouts collection, there is also a social message behind the project.
The graphic novel that inspired the collection tackles important social issues that affect young people, such as bullying, mental health, and social isolation. The collection aims to raise awareness of these issues and promote understanding and empathy among its audience.
The Dropouts Season 1 vs. Dropouts Season 2
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